Dear prospective participants,

As my dreams coming true, there is no word on the earth to describe the privilege, pleasure and excitement I have to welcome you as the Secretary-General of Model Courts of Justice 2017.

The law instruments, developed via the big legislation movement in international law during the second half of the 20th century maintain their vitality for inter-state relations. However it is an undeniable fact that international law has never stopped growing and spreading its wings to new areas of life every day since then. Correspondingly to the globalization, rediscovery of the individual as an international object beside states and international organizations and the remarkable technological developments of our time necessitate the birth of new law areas.

One of the most significant problems of world now is the lack of regulation and experienced professionals in these new areas to settle disputes, apply the law if there is any and fill these gaps via new legislation. The structure of Model Courts of Justice 2017 was shaped via taking these circumstances the international law society is currently in as a basis. Feeling the responsibility of being the very first court simulation conference of Turkey which has brought an undiscovered concept to its participants six years ago, it has always been our greatest wish and duty to renew our perception every year for allowing our fellow participants, future jurists to experience new areas of international law while keeping the traditional structure of Model CJ which we have undertook as a heritage from our pioneers alive. In this context, I am proud to announce our precious courts and committees.

Beside the fresh procedures and courts, even our traditional courts and committees, all welcomed in different previous sessions of Model CJ for the very first time in Turkey, will address recent law branches to maximize the academic pleasure of yours. The most traditional Court of not only ours but Turkey, fundamental authority over inter-state conflicts, International Court of Justice will welcome Public International Law enthusiasts to relatively untouched area this year; Public International Air Law. European Court of Human Rights will issue the most controversial points of Human Rights Law, gaining more and more importance due to the unfortunate crisis humanity faces. Being the beginning point of every single case that was brought before International Criminal Court aiming to bring justice to shameful crimes a human being can commit, Office of the Prosecutor will give its participants the chance to go deeper through the founding principles of Criminal Law. In addition, two different process of Alternative Dispute Resolution which is being increasingly preferred over litigation as a consequence of their numerous advantages will greet us, both for the first time in the country. World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center will deal with and Intellectual Property dispute, an expending and exciting area of law upon basically ideas, via arbitration proceedings. Last but not the least, keeping up our new custom to welcome participants not studying law, a non-law related dispute will be settled by the heated debates and negations of the parties and the support of the mediator under International Chamber of Commerce Mediation Rules which thrills us especially for the brand new process.

On behalf of my beloved Director-General Ms. Kübra KÜÇÜK and our eager and passionate Academic and Organization Teams of Model CJ 2017, I am hoping to share this excitement of ours with you in this February and enjoy the academic and organizational supremacy in one of the pioneer court simulation conference of the region.

Saide Esra AKDOĞAN

Model Courts of Justice (Model CJ) is a conference in which several courts and committees are simulated annually. Being the first conference in Turkey that offers a marvellous opportunity to experience a court simulation prepared by a high level of academic diligence and meritorious organization, the Model CJ delivers its participants exceptional knowledge on the framework of the international law.