7-8-9th OF FEBRUARY!

Most Esteemed Participants,


My name is Deniz YONTUK, and I am a third-grade student at Ankara University, Faculty of Law. This year I had the great privilege to be acting as the Secretary-General of the Model Courts of Justice 2020, which will be held on 7-9 February in Ankara, Turkey.

On behalf of our Director-General Ms. Irem ÖZDAMAR and all of our academic and organization teams, once again I would like to welcome you to Model Courts of Justice family!

"Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong." The words that were said by Theodore Roosevelt is always inspiring for the ones, who believe in the real meaning of Justice just like the unique team of MCJ.  Besides being one of the leading court simulation conferences in Turkey, Model CJ is always looking forward to improve itself through outreaching new law enthusiasts from all around the globe. Over past eight years, participants of Model CJ welcomed by the hardworking and dedicated teams of past Model CJ's so this year we are sure of, the same welcoming will be ensured by this year's excellent team, for those who will participate in Model CJ 2020.

 As the Secretary-General of the ninth session of ModelCJ, it was my utmost pleasure to introduce you to our brand new courts. Our first court is our irreplaceable court, the International Court of Justice, which will deliver its Judgement on a case concerning international human rights law: The State of Qatar v. the United Arab Emirates. Our second court, European Court of Human Rights, will deliver its Judgment on a pending case examining the Mechanisms of International Protection and the Delimitation of the Signatory States' positive obligations resulting from Refugee Law. Our third court-related organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, will try to deal with the case which contains multiple disputes namely, copyright, domain names and trade secrets. This committee was open to all participants, which opened up the CJ experience to legal enthusiasts that are not law students. Our fourth court is, the International Criminal Court will deliver its judgment upon a fictional case that contains serious violations regarding Rome Statute such as war crimes, and treaty obligations. Our fifth court is the first among all around the globe, the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights which will underline the significance of providing evidence without reasonable doubt in giving capital punishments on the case of Crospery Gabriel and Ernest Mutakyawa v. the United Republic of Tanzania. Our last but not least brand-new court is The United States Court of Federal Claims, going to reflect upon fictional claims of a local farmer against the government on the case of Agustin Frank v. the United States.

 Once again, with the great belief of working with a such an immensely talented, devoted and dedicated group of individuals, as the Secretary-General of Model CJ 2020, I welcome you all to the 9th edition of the Model Courts of Justice!

Model Courts of Justice (Model CJ) is a conference in which several courts and committees are simulated annually. Being the first conference in Turkey that offers a marvellous opportunity to experience a court simulation prepared by a high level of academic diligence and meritorious organization, the Model CJ delivers its participants exceptional knowledge on the framework of the international law.