Keeping up with the tradition of perfection, Model Courts of Justice 2018, the seventh annual
session of our beloved court simulation conference, was held in February 2018 in Litai Hotel, Ankara.
The Academic and Organization teams were once again led by two incredibly talented ladies;
Secretary General Ms. Banu Eylül YALÇIN and Director General Ms. Merve KANBİR.

While our indispensable court, the International Court of Justice, took a fresh breath with a case of
Environmental Law for the first time in Turkey, the case of Nuclear Accident and Sovereign Debt
Case: Durmstein v. Velancy; the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on one of the most
controversial cases of American legal history: the Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights
Commission Case. Slowly becoming a staple of our conference, the International Chamber of
Commerce - Mediation was once again featured with two different cases. This committee was open
to all participants, which opened up the CJ experience to legal enthusiasts that are not law students.
United Kingdom Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ruled on a trademark dispute between two
cosmetic companies on the case of Rosso Mila Beauty, Ltd. v. Rasa Stores Ltd. while United States
Criminal Court decided on the mysterious case of The State of Oregon v. Robert Miller as a new look
into criminal law, featuring both a board of judges made out of law student participants and a jury
which consisted of participants from many other branches and careers.

In Model Courts of Justice 2018, we once again welcomed Keynote Speakers, who enlightened our
participants on many legal questions.

Model Courts of Justice (Model CJ) is a conference in which several courts and committees are simulated annually. Being the first conference in Turkey that offers a marvellous opportunity to experience a court simulation prepared by a high level of academic diligence and meritorious organization, the Model CJ delivers its participants exceptional knowledge on the framework of the international law.