European Court Of Human Rights is an international court that has been established by the European Council. The Court is a jurisdictional authority which people, the legal entities and states can apply to if their rights on the European Convention of Human Rights have been violated.

46 European nations, including all of the members of the European Council recognize the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

Agenda Item: Ukraine v. Russia (re Crimea)

European Court of Human Rights is getting ready to hear a very controversial interstate case between Ukraine and Russia. The subject of the case is the allegations on violations of human rights in Crimean Peninsula, especially against the Crimean Tatars. Ukrainian Government filed several cases against the Russian government so far upon the related violations of human rights in the Eastern part of Ukraine and Crimea. This case is pioneering to other related cases since it is the first inter-state case between two countries.

Because of the active risk of conflict, ECHR decided on taking interim measures following the application on 13 March 2014, calling upon both Russia and Ukraine to refrain from taking any steps, in particular military action, which might be a subject for further violations of the Convention. The interim measures that were decided by the court remain in force.