In 1998, the Rome Conference convened to draft the Rome Statute, formally establishing the International Criminal Court, which would become operational in 2002. Located in the Hague, Netherlands, the International Criminal Court is the only court in the world with worldwide jurisdiction over crimes of an international scale. It is entrusted with both the power and the responsibility to investigate and prosecute individuals who have committed the gravest of crimes.


The Prosecutor v. Hughes de Blanc

This iteration of the International Criminal Court will hear an appeal for the fictional case of the Prosecutor v. de Blanc, a first among many firsts in Model Courts of Justice 2020. The Pre-Trial Chamber has approved the case of President de Blanc, who is supposedly guilty of counts upon counts of atrocities; but is everything truly as it seems? The Prosecution and the Defense must put everything on the table in determining whether the decision of the Court was a miscarriage of justice in this monumental case. With its subject matter covering everything from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court to the power of the United Nations Security Council, the Prosecutor v. de Blanc is sure to challenge even the most experienced enthusiasts of international law.

Under Secretary-General: Faik Yetgin