‘State of Oregon v. Robert Miller‘

This year in Model Courts of Justice 2018 Conference, 

As being the pioneer Model United Nations Club in Turkey to simulate courts, we decided to give a new impulse to U.S. Criminal Court simulations. This year, we will be simulating the U.S. Criminal Court with a ‘jury system’. Students that do not study law unfortunately were not able to participate in court simulations. However within the jury system, they will get the chance to be a part of the world of law as members of the Jury in the U.S. Criminal Court.

Participants of the trial court of State of Oregon will hear the ‘State of Oregon v. Robert Miller‘ case about criminal homicide and manslaughter and decide upon it. Juries of the court will be challenged by the exhibits and witness statements because they are not only responsible for finding the murderer but also sentencing him/her with the most appropriate sentence.

The respondent, Robert Miller is charged with the murder of his colleague, Fiona Butler who has been struggling with a gambling problem and had been unfortunate for some period of time. Fiona borrowed some money from a local loan shark, Vito Cacciopoli, hoping her luck would change however it did not. To be able to pay her loan, Fiona started stealing from the restaurant’s case. Cacciopoli gave Fiona fiercely physical messages that the debt was to be paid – “or else”.  Fiona’s colleague, Robert Miller hired an accountant to determine why the business in red. When the accountant revealed that Fiona has been stealing from the business, Robert got angry and threatened to kill Fiona. A few days later, Fiona is found dead and through a Buy-Sell Agreement and insurance policy, Robert became a half million dollars richer. 

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