The World Intellectual Property Organization (hereinafter referred to as “WIPO”) arose from a common thought and desire: building external protection for intellectual properties. In the 18th century, it can be determined as universal requirement since the world started to globalize and in that context,  products that related to intellectual property were spreading with pace. Furthermore, in order to handle these developments and providing monologism, the Organization established through a few conventions namely Paris Convention and Berne Convention.

WIPO brought something new to the intellectual property literature: Alternative Dispute Resolution Services for IP. In 1994, the office established at Geneva to solve intellectual property conflicts between two or more private parties. The Center offers four methods for disputants namely “arbitration-expedited arbitration-expert determination-mediation”.


Victorious Corp v. Lindsay Institute

WIPO Mediation and Arbitration Center will look upon a complex case namely “Victorius Corp. v. Lindsay Institute”. This case contains a versatile dispute regarding copyright infringement, trade secrets, and domain name disputes. The judges will examine the usage of copyright and good faith in the domain names.  Also trade secrets dispute in the conflict should be ironed out by judges.


Under Secretary-General: Ege ALTUNIŞIK