United States Court of Federal Claims is a special court of United States which hears the monetary compensation claims caused by the actions of the Government. The beginning point of the Court of Federal Claims which is one of the fundamental principles of the United States Constitution is that individuals have rights against the government. Except for tort, equitable and admiralty claims, the claims against the United States Government were provided as a jurisdiction area for the Court of Federal Claims such as bid protests, refund of federal taxes, military and civilian pay and allowances, damages from breaches of contracts...


Agustin Frank v. United States

Agustin Frank v. United States is one of the cases that is on the hearing of Court of Federal Claims. The judges of the Court reflect upon the claims of a local farmer, Agustin Frank who has signed a Lease Agreement for an agricultural land with a federal agency, the Federal Aviation Administration. After a regulatory rulemaking of Department of Transportation on behalf of its underbody, the FAA, the disputes begin. Now, the Court is working upon a decision for the claims and what comes afterwards which is noticed that it is more than a landed property dispute.

Under Secretary-General: Doğukan ARIK