The United States Senate is the upper chamber of the United States Congress which possesses legislative powers. Before the establishment of the Senate on 16 July 1787, due to the unicameral system, House of Representatives was the only branch of the legislature in the United States. However, with the establishment of the Senate, the bicameral legislative branch emerged.

The first convention of the Senate took place in New York City on March 4,1789. The number of the members of the Senate increased gradually and surpassed number of the members of the House of Representatives and eventually the Senate became the dominant chamber of the Congress. The Senate adopted the equal representation rule with the 17 th Amendment and the Senators are selected based on this rule by the citizens of their respective States to serve for six-year terms. Each State is represented by 2 Senators in the Senate, therefore, the Senate currently has 100 members.

The main procedure of the Senate is legislation. Every bill shall be introduced to both the House of Representatives and the Senate for their approval, before being introduced to the President and becoming a Law.

Agenda Item: Hearing to Examine a Data Breach

This year, the United States Senate will hold a Senate Hearing on a fictional case about data privacy. In July 2018, after the article of a journalist named Daniel Barlow was published at the Houston Journal, the public was shocked with the accusations of the data breach conducted by web services provider Adroit. In the article, it was claimed that in July 2017, Adroit disclosed personal information and private emails of their users to an advertising agency without receiving the consent of the concerned users and have not notified them on this disclosure over the following year. The Senate is expected to hold a hearing and discuss on this urgent matter, in order to produce sufficient legislation on the matter of data privacy.

The United States Senate committee is also open for the participants who are not studying law.